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Robert Kaufman

Robert Kaufman 

Robert Kaufman is a professional photographer who captures the world around us in a most extraordinary way. He has taken notice of the subtle drama of ordinary life and delivers to the viewers a crystalline moment of time. Minimalism is a quality that translates through all aspects of his work. To him, the ultimate photograph occurs during that spontaneous moment when the camera is brought between the photographer and the event.

With a degree in Business and Accounting and having gone to engineering school, initially Kaufman worked as a computer professional, pioneering software applications for the hospital industry. He then went into consulting, marketing, and sales for a major computer consulting firm.

At this point, Kaufman determined that his fate was with photography. After 8 years of self imposed discipline to master this art form, he was determined to publish his own calendar. He established the EDIBLES Calendar, which presented images of fruits and vegetables in a new dramatic way based on a very straight forward approach to this common subject. He wanted to be able to utilize photographic equipment that anyone could use, a 35 mm camera and natural light, and yet still be able to present a powerful image that represented the subject in a very real, tactile manner. The subject matter was well suited to his pursuit in creating images utilizing the strong graphic color found in common objects. Kaufman was refining his approach to photography, creating his own personal form of expression.

By 1980, he was ready to pursue his dream of his own publishing company. Kaufman and his wife, Betty, established Silver Visions, a company which would exclusively publish Kaufman's work. Since that time, together they have been able to literally publish millions of pieces of his work. He has succeeded in doing what few others have done. Through Silver Visions, he has been able to publish and distribute work that has been a pure representation of his vision. This has been in the form of calendars, cards, books, posters, jewelry, etc. Always the pioneer, Kaufman was the first in 1980 to publish photographic greeting cards and subsequently, other new applications of photography. He has personally been on press domestically and in Europe and Asia and can claim a thorough knowledge of the lithographic process.

In the early 1990's, Kaufman returned to his roots and applied the new computer technology to further distribute and control his photographic work. His orientation was still the straight and powerful image. He was not looking to use the computer to alter his approach to photography. He sees the computer as a tremendous addition to the expressive ability of the photographer, similar to what the darkroom does in regards to expressing the intent of the artist. Kaufman's intent is a straight presentation of reality. 

In 1994, Kaufman established a new division of his company, bringing his particular vision to the corporate world. His unique style has helped these companies by creating new images and identities. He does this with the application of his photography and design to marketing, advertising, and production.

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