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New photographic ceramic murals and backsplashes featuring the photography of award winning photographer Robert Kaufman. These ceramic tile murals are composed from his extensive archives, custom made to your specifications, including color palette, subject matter, overall dimensions and shape, and individual tile sizes. Call 877-249-0207 for more details. Below are some examples.

    BS001 Petroio, Tuscany    
    grapes backsplash    
    BS002 Vineyard Grapes    
abstraction backsplash
    BS003 Abstraction    
anemones backsplash
    BS007 Anemones    
    mixed fruit bksplsh    
BS004 Mixed fruit


This installation is a single row of tiles that goes around the entire perimeter of the kitchen. Each tile is unique. The piece is one continuous image containing hundreds of fruits and vegetables. Two walls are fruits and two are vegetables which morph into each other where they meet.

fruit strip backsplash
    BS005 Fruits & Vegetables    
vinyards olive grive backsplash
    BS006 Italian Landscape with Vineyards & Olive trees    
tropical bouquet
    BS008 Tropical Bouquet    
siena backsplash
    BS009 Siena, Italy    
italy landscape backsplash
    BS010 Tuscany Landscape    
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